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The Cloud

LandDev and HomeDev are both hosted by Leverance and Constellationhb 'In the Cloud'.  This means that we have servers in a 24x7 facility with a large 'pipe' connecting to the Internet.  Our customers do not need to buy servers or maintain complex networking equipment for LandDev.  An Internet connection is required for most functions, however - Excel spreadsheets can be edited while off-line and synced with our Cloud site later.  

Users get several additional benefits from Cloud based software.  Cloud software companies can service and support their customers far better than what traditionally is possible.  This is because we have direct access to every customers site at any instant and fix problems usually before the customer is even aware of them.  All customers are using the same software installation with the cloud based server farm. As a result, if one customer finds a bug, we fix it and install the fix on the master server farm.  Therefor all customers get the fix, even though most of them never knew there was a bug.  The follow-on benefit is that our support team never has to support older versions of the software.  They only know and support the latest version.  So they can be very confident and crisp with their answers. 

A key technology being used here is called 'Multi-Tenancy'.  It is the ability to let many LandDev clients run on the same basic hardware system - yet each client has a private database and is totally isolated from other clients.  This makes it very easy for Leverance to update all the clients at once to a new version, or to install patches and fixes.  We are able to spend our time developing new features into the software, rather than spending time supporting and updating each client one at a time. (We also have some self-hosting larger clients and still support and offer that method if required)

We have been able to unify our support resources into the central cloud site.  We store training videos, user manuals, help data, implementation guides, client usage data, licensing data.  Everything we need in one place.  This makes us very efficient at working with our clients to get each client what they need quickly.

Multi-Tenant Cloud system are fundamentally changing the way software is done and delivered. it no longer makes sense for clients to pay for servers that sit 90% idle while still having to be set-up, maintained, serviced, etc.  When the client has their own 'in-house' server, it is harder for their software suppliers to support them and get access to their system.  LandDev is easy to support, we can login to any client's system in seconds and begin helping. 

These huge efficiencies of Cloud based software translate to better service and support for our Clients.