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We are very excited about the technologies that use the LandDev product.  We use the Microsoft .Net platform and we write manged code only in languages such as C# and SQL. The architecture of the LandDev system is based on best practices as outlined by Microsoft for highly scalable and available systems.  LandDev uses a 4 tiered method that includes the Client, Front End Web Service, Background Services and the database.  Clients connect with the Cloud site using Web Services and talk directly through an Internet IP address.  LandDev employ es SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) when sending workbooks to the Server for processing.  The MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue) is used to guarantee delivery of workbook processes message to the background service.  This way when the user performs an 'Approve and Checkin' operation on a LandDev workbook, that workbook is sent to the server and processed. 

Here are the keys parts of the LandDev Technology: