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Smart Client (The User Interface)

LandDev has an Office like User Interface with a Tool Ribbon like Excel 2007 & 2010 have.  However, the LandDev user interface that runs on the users computer is a "Smart Client" per the Microsoft definition.  We use Microsoft tools and best practices to create this very interactive and user friendly interface shown just to right:

The program that is running on the user's computer is stored in a similar way to the way browser plugin's are stored.  With LandDev nothing is created on the users C:\Program Files folder.  this 'plugin' downloads itself automatically if the master version on the server changes.  The upload of the new version from the cloud site is very quick and hardly noticed to the user.  But it does mean the user always has the latest and most bug free release, which is huge advantage.  This is talked about more on The Cloud page of this web site.

This user interface allows for very strong access to all the local computers resources. This includes the interface to Quicbooks, where we use the Smart Client UI to directly talk to the Quickbooks database. Most interfaces are Export/Import - the Smart Client gives LandDev a much tighter interface to Quickbooks than is typical of a Cloud based program.  

This UI waste no screen space on the Browser bar.  Instead the user can run a browser inside of LandDev.  The second picture on this page shows the Collaboration Portal.  This web page can run on any browser, or on tablets such as the iPad.  

The second image to the right shows the Builder portal selected.  This portal is designed for the project manager when working in the field. The other blue tabs shown at top are other sections of the portal.  Vendors can be given their own login so they can enter bids and see schedules and PO's from the Vendor tab.  Most users can also access the Calender tab and see the schedules shown in Calender mode.  The Web Reporting is also accessed from the Reporting tab.  

In summary the Smart Client gives LandDev great control by running directly on the users local machine.  But it accesses and processes all it's data on the Cloud servers.  The Web interface then provides a simpler more targeted interface for all sorts of remote users.  remote users can also run the Smart Client UI as long as they have a Windows machine available.