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Entitlement and Construction Scheduling

Scheduling is done with a built-in CPM based scheduling system.  Standard scheduling templates can be created (and modified by the user) for land acquisition, planning, evaluation, engineering, construction, and others.  These templates are used to start jobs.  Scheduling is an optional feature of the system and the budgeting will work with or without it.   A Cash Flow report is available if the scheduling is used.  The project manager can view and update the schedule from the 'Builder Portal' - which runs on tablets such as the iPad.  Issues can also be created, emailed to the Vendors, and tracked all with one simple step.   The system will also send email reminders to Vendors about their upcoming scheduled workload.  In addition, the Vendor can their complete schedule in the Vendor Portal. 

This screen shot below shows the Web Portal Calendar view of a project schedule.  There are many views in LandDev besides a Calendar. The Logo in the upper left will be replaced by the developers logo as will the company name on the far right.