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Project Management

LandDev allows the user to setup and track projects.  These projects include land development (streets, sewers, etc) and any type of building or support structures including clubhouses, wetland mitigation's, detention ponds, pump stations, etc.  LandDev users can manage simple projects or even the most complex multi-year master planned mixed use community that includes single family lots, apartments, condos, commercial, or any combination. 

The Job tree shows the structure of a project. There is no limit to the number of Jobs or the number of levels. Simple projects have a small Job tree.  Complex projects have a richer deeper Job tree. 

This is similar to adding Folders to the windows file system.  Any level of this tree can have budgets, schedules or any other function needed.  The user creates the names for every level and can change them any time at any level.  Also, individual Jobs can be 'dragged and dropped' anywhere within the tree structure.  

The larger blue buttons in the green section have all the major steps of the land development process.  The 'Bank Budget' starts the process with a high level 'Quick' budget. 

Then comes more detailed estimating and budgeting, approvals (via workflow), getting bids from contractors, issuing contracts and PO's and then paying invoices.  

The system integrates scheduling deeply into the process.