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Neal Communities is located Sarasota Floria area.  They have been on LandDev since late 2014.  Below is a testimonial from the Accounting Manager that runs the LandDev team:

"Before our LandDev implementation and my arrival at Neal Communities five years ago, Neal Communities had controlled process' except for our accounting and budgeting process for the land development side of our business. We had several land development managers that all did their project budgeting their own way- which worked at the time, yet we were missing the

crucial factor of a centralized control system to process and collect financial data across all our employees work, to track our budgets with our trades, and to maintain a standard process with our field employees.

My role five years ago was to implement this new standard of an accounting process across all our work processes and our entire organization. Land Dev came into play, and it was the perfect fit for our company. LandDev gave us control over our land development accounting and in the long-term we expect to reap even more benefits as our spending and development analysis will provide us with more accurate forecasting of future projects. Today, we budget for projects very closely to the budgets we get from our land acquisition team. Our organization is also less prone to financial accounting errors and we have decreased variances in our budgeting since implementing LandDev.

I recommend LandDev to other builders in the business for land development. The Constellation HomeBuilder team is also very knowledgeable and we have had a pleasure working with Chuck Cosby along the way, he was always available when we needed him.  It is great to see a software provider treat us like a partner to really build that long term commitment."

*This reference is the sole LandDev testimonial account of the Accounting Manager at Neal Communities.  Neal Communities as a company is not officially affiliated with this LandDev testimonial.