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Invoice Processing

LandDev has a complete work flow based system for processing invoices and payment request from Vendors.  The first step (optional) is too scan the invoice documents into the system for tracking.  At this step the user enters only the Vendor, Job, Invoice number, date and amount.  Once the invoice is scanned in it is emailed to the project manager.  It can be rejected at this point - or processed.  This 'Scanned Invoice' system allows the developer to make sure that all invoices are properly received and processed correctly.  A report shows the disposition and status of all Scanned Invoices. To pay the invoice the project manager must code the invoice to the correct line items of the PO and/or Budget.  The system supports progress payments to PO and contracts.  The user can also pay directly from the budget bypassing the contract control system.  Examples of this would be permits, marketing cost, overhead cost, etc. 

Once the project manager has approved the formal fully justified 'Payment Request' - the work flow system may need to email the next person in the work flow for additional approval.  Each person in the work flow will have their own dollar limit of what they can approve.  The work flow system can optionally be skipped for developers who don't need it.   For large developers there is no limit to the number of persons that can be in a work flow.  Plus the system handles division level work flow where personnel changes depending on the Project or Division.  

Fully authorized invoices can then be transferred to the Accounting System.