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LandDev makes very heavy use of Microsoft Excel.  Action buttons on the main UI provide access to many different types of spreadsheets, including the one shown below.  Most major data entry functions of LandDev have a highly specific spreadsheet format.  Only the white cells allow data entry.  All data entry spreadsheets have the 'checkin' concept with the same buttons as shown below, such as 'Approve and Checkin', which causes the entered data to be saved and processed. Error checking occurs and the user may be required to correct their data entry to avoid the error message. LandDev spreadsheets are part of a system, and connected live to the database.  The spreadsheet is edited directly on the users machine using the local copy of Excel.  The data is stored on the server in the Cloud. 

There are many benefits of this approach.  First, users are often times already familiar with Excel, so learning to use LandDev is made easier.  The user can copy and paste data to and from other non-LandDev spreadsheets.  The user can user calculations while entering data.  If a new user knows how to print Excel spreadsheets then they already know how to print LandDev spreadsheets.  Data entry sessions contain a great deal of supporting data to help the user better understand the effect of the data they entering.  Each LandDev data entry spreadsheet is really a report that happens to also allow data entry in some locations.  

There are many spreadsheets in LandDev.  Some for budget entry, contracting functions,  invoice entry, variance management, and many others. The Excel method is very popular with users and makes LandDev an exceptionally user friendly program.