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LandDev has seven budgets possible per Job.  Some Jobs can get by with one or two budgets.  The Bank Budget is the first step - and can be a very high level preliminary budget.  Optionally the user can create a very detailed Estimator Estimate.  Any level of detailed is supported, including complete pipe work style estimates, detailed erosion control, grading, overhead cost and other allocables.  Anything the land developer needs to track in the budget.  The system also support a mixed mode of some high level budgets mixed in with more detailed budgets.  LandDev supports a Project Manager Estimate being reconciled with the Estimating Estimate.  Finally an Initial 'Go to Construction' budget can be send via workflow for various managers to approve.  This budget can then be used to send request for through the collaboration system.  Optionally, users can send some items out for bid before the Initial Budget is approved.

In the screen shot below the Estimator Estimating workbook is shown.  Only the white cells are open for data entry.  In many ways this looks like a report, but in LandDev most 'Reports' perform double duty as data entry programs to the system.  This provides users with the familiar experiance of using Excel.