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Database Driven System

LandDev is based on the Microsoft SQL Server database system.  This is a fully relational Enterprise class software system for managing the underlying data of the LandDev.  All LandDev Excel spreadsheet data comes from and goes into the SQL database.  When the use request a workbook from LandDev (such as the Bank Budget) the system populates the spreadsheet with the latest data from the database.  This process is similar to the most system generate a report. Only the report is native as an Excel spreadsheet.  The workbook is loaded over the Internet to the user local computer into the local copy of Excel.  Once the workbook is loaded on the local machine - a lock is engaged to ensure that no other user can edit this data.  The user is then shown the workbook and the 'White' cells are open for data entry.  Most cells are not white.  For any given workbook that LandDev loads, only a small number of cells are open for edit.  Most of the rest of the workbook is display only, typically showing data that might be useful in supporting the data entry operation. 

The user enters whatever data is needed in the White cells then presses the 'Check In' button.  This is one of several LandDev specific tool ribbon buttons that have been added to Excel by LandDev.  The workbook is transferred to the LandDev server (in the cloud) where it is processed.  The server will locate all the white cells that have data entry values and immediately save this data to the database.  Then the workbook is discarded - it not used for any other purpose.  

Actual processing then begins on the database data only.  no processing is ever done in the Excel workbooks (except some error checking to stop user data entry errors).  All processing takes place using a technology called 'Transaction Commit or Roll Back recovery.  This is the way big systems and mainframes process.  It guarantees transaction integrity because it means that either the entire transaction is completely processed successfully, or every part of the transaction is 'Rolled-Back' so that the system can start over from a clean state. 

The LandDev data employs a technology called 'Referential Integrity'.  The means that the database itself enforces many rules about the data that it accepts.  The programmer can make many mistakes coding the application, but the database will catch many of these mistakes and force the programmer to fix the problem before any actual user data is damaged. 

All in all this makes landDev a highly reliable and scalable state of the art program.  

Report Builder

LandDev (and HomeDev) support the Microsoft report writer known as 'Report Builder'.  This report writer is used to write the web reports that are provided with the product (reports that can be run from any browser and don't require Excel).  Users can use the Report Builder in addition to PowerTrieve to write reports.