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Contracts and Purchase Orders

The LandDev document management system allows the developer to store word processed contracts for each Vendor.  These can be stored by Project and Job.  These contract documents will contain master agreement language and scope of work details. 

An addendum to these documents are the Purchase Orders which are issued and contain a Schedule of Values for the work to be done.  The PO also shows all change orders to date.  The PO is a concise document focusing on the Unit Prices and Quantities as well as lump sum dollars bids and all aspect of the cost. 

PO's are used as payment request control documents for both labor and material. The PO helps to assure that there are never over payments made.  PO's can be partially paid as progress bills are received. LandDev always knows the exact status of payments that have been requested from a contractor.  For example the Payment Request process (Invoices) prevents Vendors from changing the Unit Prices mid-contract.  Line items can also be 'Lump Sum' based and no overpayment is allowed.  

PO's are generated automatically from the Vendor Bid Comparison process or they can issued manually by skipping the bidding process.  PO's are emailed to the Vendor and are accessible online from the Vendor Portal.