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Collaboration with Vendor, Engineers, Investors, Others

LandDev is a modern Web and Cloud based software system.  Users can access LandDev from any location.  LandDev supports collaboration with contractors, engineers, investors and others.  One of the primary purposes is to interact with contractors and other vendors.  Vendors can download documents such as scope of work, master agreements, blueprints, permits, or any other document they may need.  Vendors can also submit bids so that the developer can compare multiple bids for new jobs. 

The Purchase Orders are also always live and up to date on the Vendor Portal.  Each PO can be thought of as the 'Schedule of Values' for the contract.  PO's are updated with the latest approved Change Orders.  Vendors can always see the latest version of the contract by accessing the PO. 

Vendors can also see the schedule on the Vendor portal.  They are notified by email if the schedule changes.  Vendors can also submit Payment Request that automatically enter a work flow and get transmitted to the Project Manager for review and approval.  When Vendors use the payment request system they are able to upload any documents that are needed to support the Payment Request.