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Bank Budget

The Bank Budget is a LandDev spreadsheet (pulled from the SQL database) that supports high level budgeting of a Job.  High level as in, less detail and more guess work.  The kind of budget done to secure a loan for project funding.  The system can speed this process up by allowing the user to access historical data on recently completed projects to be used for quick estimates on new projects.  Metrics like Cost per Acre, per Linear foot of street, per Lot, etc can be used to make the estimate more accurate.  The user can use the Bank Budget to pay certain bills such as Engineering, Site Planning, Erosion Control, Test holes, and Due Diligence types of costs.  Bank Budgets can also be used to control spending - so that project managers cannot spend more money than the Bank Budget - without approval. 

In the example below the summary version of the Bank Budget is shown with high level budgets.