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LandDev has a parcel and land acquisition tracking system.  Users can create a database of land parcels that are being considered for purchase.  A schedule of standard acquisition processing steps can be created.  Follow-up actions can be created.  The user can view a daily 'to-do' list for all acquisitions in process.  Budgets can be created and managed in order to pay the cost of due-diligence for each parcel.  Parcels can be grouped into 'assembliages'.  Lots of data fields are provided, such as Address, Acreage, Notes, targeted use, number of lots, etc. 

In this image we see the Parcel tree on the left, showing all the parcels currently being managed and tracked.  Notice that the 'Benford Property' has the red pin and is selected.  The properties of this parcel are displayed in the right pane.

There are many more data fields than can what be seen in this image. The user can also track early budgets and can schedule a due-diligence process using the scheduling system.  The user then will get a daily and weekly 'To-Do' list.