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Land Development Software in Redmond, Washington

Chuck Cosby, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has more than 40 years of experience in turning cutting-edge technology into successful business opportunities and start-up companies into successful ventures. 

Cosby began his software engineering career in the early 1970s, and soon began creating the preliminary code for the language-processing engine, LEAP. Cosby started his first company, C-Tech, in December 1982, which developed software for the construction industry.

Cosby sold this company for a significant profit in late 1984. Cosby then co-created the FAST™ Management Group, which develops and markets an integrated enterprise management software application to homebuilders. As CEO, Cosby and his team grew the company to $5 million in revenues and 60 employees.

He then played a key role in merging FAST™ into BuildNet, a B2B Internet company to connect builders with manufacturers and distributors of materials used in-home building. As Vice Chairman, Cosby was instrumental in increasing revenue from $10 million to $90 million, managing 800 employees, and raising over $142 million in financing, including a $107 million private placement. Cosby was responsible for many of the 8 BuildNet acquisitions that occurred during his tenure. Cosby left BuildNet in April 2000 to form Leverance and to provide land development software.

Land Development, Land Development Software in Kirkland, WA

Jeremy Halbert, Program Manager for LandDev and HomeDev started with Leverance in May 2000 and has been a key factor in the development of these products and others.  For example Jeremy was heavily involved in the Leverance research project into natural language recognition and voice recognition. He also created the PowerTrieve report writer and he integrated this with the natural language engine.  This created a tool that users can talk with their voice to create and modify database oriented reports, such as Job cost reports.

Jeremy was also involved heavily in evaluating the early Microsoft releases of the .Net set of programing languages and compilers in the early 2000's.  Jeremy worked closely with PHD graduate Min Ke who came to Leverance in 2001 directly from a seven programming project on the inner team of the  Microsoft scientist who created the .Net system.  Jeremy and Min then created the core architecture of the LandDev system in 2002 based on the deep insider knowledge of .Net that Min Ke offered.  

Jeremy (in 2003) took over all product planning and development and designed all of the key technology transitions since that time. For example, Jeremy converted the entire LandDev Excel workbook system from VBA to the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) method that uses C#.  Jeremy also engineered the use Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ).  Jeremy is also a master user of the SQL database language, so heavily relied on by the LandDev system.  

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