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ConstellationHB Software purchased LandDev in 2020

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Land Development Software in Redmond, Washington

Lighten your workload. Leverance in Redmond, Washington, offers revolutionary land development software that manages the process of building lots and developing land for commercial or residential use. LandDev™ provides real estate development and project management applications for land developers.

Cloud Based System

LandDev is hosted in the Cloud so start-up cost are minimal.  LandDev is built around the familiar Microsoft applications of Excel™, Outlook™, and SQL Server™. Most land developers are already using one or more of these applications. Excel in particular, is very popular for budget management and for bid control and comparisons.

Scheduling is critical for land development projects. LandDev has a built-in scheduling system that produces a Cash Flow report. Outlook (and other email programs) is used to send email to notify managers of important events, such as a variance request from the field.

LandDev also sends bid requests, purchase orders, back-charge notifications, and payment information to contractors through the email system as Excel spreadsheets and PDF's.  LandDev supports Cloud based 'Collaboration' with investors, partners, contractors and others who need information about projects. 

LandDev interfaces with popular Accounting system such as Newstar, FAST, Quickbooks and Dynamics SL. 

Land Development Software, Land Development Software in Kirkland, WA

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